Kazakhstan's leading investment opportunities

Baiterek Holding offers a range of investment products to the world's most impressive and forward-looking investors.

About holding

Baiterek Holding is completely state owned. Our products are tied to Kazakhstan's prosperity


Baiterek Holding provides financial and non-financial support to various sectors of Kazakhstan business, from individuals to large industrial corporations.


It offers a wide range of opportunities for potential investors ready to work in Kazakhstan, helping them participate in credit-and-share-financing of the Holding and its subsidiaries, or directly financing companies that develop with its support.

A smart investment
  • $24.1 bn.Gross Direct Investment Inflow in Kazakhstan in 2019
  • 25 thThe place in the world for doing business in 2019
  • 55 thIn the Global Competitiveness Index in 2019
  • 50 thIn the world Human Development Index 2019 (UN)

Kazakhstan is located in the heart of the Eurasian continent. Occupying the territory of 2 million 724.9 thous. sq. km. (1,049,150 sq. miles), the country is the ninth in the world in terms of area. It is the second largest country in the CIS and the ninth in the world.

The country has common borders with Russia in the north and west, with China in the east, with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in the south. Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world that does not have direct access to the World Ocean.

The population of Kazakhstan exceeds 18 million people.


Kazakhstan has a variety of mineral resources. There were 99 elements out of 105 of the periodic table identified in the subsoil assets of Kazakhstan, reserves were explored for 70 elements, and more than 60 elements were involved in the production.

The mineral and raw material base of the country consists of more than 5 thousand deposits, the forecasted cost of which is estimated at tens of trillion US dollars. The country ranks first in the world in terms of explored reserves of zinc, tungsten and barite, second in silver, lead and chromite, third in copper and fluorite, fourth in molybdenum, sixth in gold.

Kazakhstan also has significant oil and gas resources (9th place in the world for demonstrated oil reserves), which are concentrated in the western regions. In addition, the country holds 8th place in regard to coal reserves and 2nd place in terms of uranium reserves.


In December 2012, the Development Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2050 was presented to the people of the country in the Address of the Head of State. Its main goal is to create a prosperous society based on the strong state, developed economy and the universal labor opportunities, as well as the Kazakhstan’s accession into the top thirty developed countries of the world.

To achieve this goal, Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy envisages the implementation of seven long-term priorities:

  • The economic policy of the new course, which is a comprehensive economic pragmatism based on the principles of profitability, return on investment and competitiveness.
  • Comprehensive support for entrepreneurship, which is the leading force in the national economy.
  • New principles of social policy, which are social securities and personal responsibility.
  • Knowledge and professional skills, which are the key guidelines for the modern system of education, training and retraining of personnel.
  • Further strengthening of statehood and development of Kazakhstani democracy.
  • Consistent and predictable foreign policy, which includes the promotion of national interests and strengthening of regional and global security.
  • The new Kazakhstani patriotism is the basis for the success of our multi-ethnical and multi-religious society.
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