Как БРК способствовал крупнейшему проекту птицеводства в Казахстане


Байтерек кредитует амбициозные компании, которые хотят расти

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Банк развития Казахстана

Банк Развития Казахстана предлагает долгосрочный кредит производственных и инфраструктурных инвестиционных проектов, и экспортных операций, которые имеют значительное положительное социально-экономические воздействие.

Medium and long term lending

Medium and long-term crediting of projects aimed at expansion, the updating of existing production lines or creation of new production capabilities through the acquisition of assets, bundles of equity and property.

Minimum loan amount – $20.9m

For the projects implemented in food and beverage manufacture – $8.9m

Minimum loan term – 5 years.

Own share of the company – at least 20% of the investment project budget.

Lease Transactions Financing

DBK offers lease financing.

Minimum loan amount – $4.5m (except for the projects on the state programs).

Interest rate - varies on a deal-by-deal basis.

Leasing term – from 3 to 20 years.

Advance payment – from 0% to 50% depending on the leasing subject.

Interbank lending

DBK lends to second tier banks to enable lending to businesses in prioritised branches of the economy up to a value of $30m. More information can be found on DBK's website.

Large-scale entities of processing industry.

Maximum loan: $15m

Loan term: up to 10 years (new projects and refinancing of investment loans); up to 5 years (financing and refinancing working capital)

Participants in the domestic automakers support program (end borrowers)

Maximum car amount: up to $450,000

Loan term: up to 7 years