Томас Миров

Thomas Mirow

Member of the board of directors

Dr. Mirow was born on 6 January 1953 in Paris, France. He graduated from Bonn University in 1970. In 1975 he defended the doctoral thesis on the issue of ‘Policy of France in Europe during the period of Fifth republic’, then he headed the Administration of Willy Brandt, Chairman of Socialistic party of Germany.

2008-2012 – the Fifth President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). 

Before joining EBRD, Thomas Mirow occupied a number of political positions in Germany. 

From 1983 – Head of Press Service of Hamburg, after that he headed the Municipal Office of Hamburg. 

In 1997 – the Minister of Economy of Hamburg. 

From 2002 – Senior Advisor of Ernst & Young. 

From 2005 – State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Germany.
Thomas Mirow has many years of experience in the Managerial Boards of the companies, in particular, Deutsche Telekom, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, KFW, and also as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hamburg port and airport. 

On 25 June 2013 – he was appointed as a Board Member of Baiterek NMH JSC with the order of the Chairman of the Committee for State Property and Privatization E. Utepov № 471 “On governing body of Baiterek NMH JSC”. 

On 30 December 2013 – elected as a Board member of Baiterek NMH JSC (independent non-executive director) with the order of the First Vice-Minister for Investments and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Rau № 464. 

Citizenship – the Federal Republic of Germany.