KazakhExport supports carpet and rug exporter


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The challenge

Located in the Ontusyk special economic zone in the South of Kazakhstan, Bal Textile LLP is a leader in the production of carpets and rugs, producing more than 5mn square meters every year. The company invested in new production line equipment and wanted to expand into new overseas markets.They needed security against the risks involve in late and non-payment by importers

How Baiterek helped

Bal Tekstil LLP signed an export credit insurance agreement for $142,000 with KazakhExport Export Insurance Company JSC

The results

Target markets for Bal Textile LLP include Russia, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Germany and France. The export credit insurance provided by KazakhExport insures Bal Textile from risk of non-payment or delayed payment by importers, helping it enter new foreign markets with greater confidence and security