How DBK facilitated the largest poultry industry project in Kazakhstan



The challenge

The total demand for chicken from Akmola, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Karaganda is estimated at 82,000 tons per year. Only 22,000 tons are produced by Kazakhstani poultry farms providing a huge opportunity for domestic growth.

How Development Bank of Kazakhstan helped

DBK opened a credit line for Makinskaya poultry farm LLP. The credit enabled the construction of the first stage of a poultry farm for farming broilers in the Bulandy district of the Akmola region.

The total cost of the first stage of the Project is just under $100m. DBK provided almost half of the finance needed for up to 10 years.

Affordable financing from DBK will grow domestic food production production, reducing reliance on imported food.

The results

Makinskaya poultry farm is a modern factory that will provide the region with chilled broiler meat.

For Kazakhstan, this is a relatively new product, but chilled meat is widely used and consumed globally. The Project will ensure not only the regular supply of poultry meat to the Astana, the capital, but will also increase the export potential of the poultry industry in Kazakhstan through the production of high-quality, competitive products with modern energy-efficient equipment.