The Bid Campaign Results within the "Leaders of Competitiveness - National Champions 2.0" Program Have Been Reviewed



On April 12, 2019, the city of Nur-Sultan hosted a meeting of the Management Committee of Baiterek NMH JSC to review the results of the “Leaders of Competitiveness - National Champions 2.0” Program’s Bid Campaign results. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Timur Kulibayev, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, Aidar Arifkhanov, Chairman of the Council of Kazakhstan’s Financiers Association, Director of Rakurs Center for Economic Analysis, Oraz Zhandossov and others.


As noted during the meeting, the objective of the Program is to assist in the creation of competitive, export-oriented and technological manufacturing industries by providing financial and non-financial measures of support to Kazakhstani companies. From October to December 2018, a bid campaign was conducted, during which the Holding carried out selection activities for more than 1 000 manufacturing enterprises. In total, the Holding received 113 applications with projects from 94 companies, which were reviewed in three stages. The key selection criteria were market potential, financial sustainability, sustainability of the company's business model, and technological feasibility of the investment project.


As a result of comprehensive diagnostics, the Holding selected 10 candidate companies in the fields of mechanic engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and consumer goods industry, and production of building materials. The total amount of the enterprises’ planned financing will be 34.4 billion tenge. The members of the Management Committee were presented with detailed plans for the production and export development for the selected companies.


The anticipated amount of additional revenue from the implementation of the “Leaders of Competitiveness - National Champions 2.0” Program for 2020–2023 is forecasted at 147 billion tenge, including about 70 billion tenge of which are planned to be secured by products export. Thus, every 1 tenge of investments will provide 3.58 tenge of revenue, and 1.69 tenge of export income, respectively.


At the same time, the bid campaign has identified a series of promising projects that require a significant amount of investment or may be of interest from a development point of view. The issue of supporting these companies will be considered outside the framework of the Program. In addition, the Holding will continue carrying out consulting activities on projects structuring with 25 companies that have not passed the selection process to keep the possibility of their further implementation.


Following the meeting of the Management Committee of Baiterek NMH JSC, it was decided to continue the work on the implementation of the “Leaders of Competitiveness - National Champions 2.0” Program.