The way “Baiterek” Holding provides the population with affordable housing



“Baiterek” Holding is a single operator of the state housing construction program “Nurly zher”. The Company in this role implements the key areas of housing policy implementation, from financing of credit housing to increasing of mortgage loans availability.

For example, starting in 2017, the Holding fully transferred to market mechanisms from direct financing of housing construction to financing exclusively by bonds redemption of local executive bodies. This allows circulating funds on a “revolving” principle every two years and re-directing it to new construction without additional allocation of resources.

In turn, a subsidiary of “NMH “Baiterek” JSC - Zhilstroysberbank stimulates the demand and selling of the housing built for its investors by issuing of preferential housing loans. As of today, the system of “ZSSBK” JSC has more than 1.2 million contracts with the savings amount of 562 billion KZT. At present, the bank is in the first place on long-term deposits with savings of investors at the level of 562 billion KZT, which is 26% of the total long-term deposits of second-tier banks in the country.

“Baiterek” Holding prepared a special infographic to demonstrate the key areas of the state program “Nurly zher”.