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Development Bank of Kazakhstan

Crediting of export (pre-export) transactions is aimed at promotion of export of works and services rendered by the residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and export of goods produced in Kazakhstan.

The priority funding areas of the Development Bank are plants of processing industry, agricultural productions, facilities of food and beverage manufacture, service facilities etc.

Minimum loan amount - $3m

The term of financing of export operations shall be determined on the conditions of export operation.

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KazakhExport is the Export Credit Agency of Kazakhstan and provides insurance and reinsurance services, regulated by  National Bank of Kazakhstan.

KazakhExport is a member of the Prague Club of the Berne Union since 2004, the largest Export Credit Agency association of the world, which includes 37 agencies, representing 34 countries and 3 multinational organisations

KazakhExport has the current rating of financial reliability “Baa3” by Moody’s Investors Service

Exporter's credit insurance

Insurance protection for the exporter from the risk of non-execution of financial obligations by foreign counter-party on export of goods/works/services on conditions of deferred payment.

Pre-export financing

In addition to the “Exporter's credit insurance”, we offer financing to the exporter to replenish circulating assets for the purpose of execution of export contract through conditional contributions to second-tier banks.

Insurance of documentary operations

Insurance protection against the risk of non-fulfilment of financial obligations by the issuing bank, which is opened on behalf of the importer documentary credit in favour of the exporter.

Trade export financing

Insurance of risk of default of a foreign bank in the financing of export contracts with the letter of credit form of payment, where the bank of the exporter acts as the financing bank.

Loan Insurance

Insurance protection of the creditor against the risk of the default of borrower on loans related to export trade from Kazakhstan. This includes loans provided to importers for the purchase of Kazakhstani goods, pre-export financing and interbank credits.

Investment Insurance

Protection of the domestic investor against loss of investment abroad in the case of the realisation of political risks in the country of investment.

Insurance of Bank Guarantees

Insurance guarantees speed-up the decision making process for the production of bank guarantees for exporters for the obligations to supply products and services.

Advance payment insurance

Protection of advanced payments of the importer in the case of a breach of obligations by the exporter.