"Baiterek" holding
  • 8.2 thousandJobs created
  • 314.7 blnTaxes paid
  • 2676.2 blnOutput manufactured
  • 436 blnVolume of products sold for export

Data excluding the implementation of financial programs EDF "Damu"

Figures for 2019

A meeting of the Council of Corporate Secretaries of the subsidiaries of the Baiterek holding was held

An online meeting of the Council of Corporate Secretaries of the subsidiaries of Baiterek NMH JSC under the leadership of the Chairman of the Council Mayra Turganova took place via videoconference.

Zhulduz Kunanbayeva: I feel involved in the modernization of my country

Baiterek Holding and its subsidiaries are, first of all, a team of professionals.

10/22/2020 20:06:51
Baiterek Holding attracted another bonded loan to finance the Employment Roadmap

As part of the implementation of the Employment Roadmap for 2020-2021, on October 21, 2020, Baiterek National Management Holding JSC attracted a bond loan from a subsidiary of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund JSC, totaling 200 billion tenge.


The mission of “Baiterek” NMH” JSC

is to support the sustainable economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to implement public policies and achieve goals
set by the 2050 Strategy.

implemented by the holding
of the holding

The Holding employs 10 subsidiaries, each of which plays its role in the country's economy.

While supporting large-scale enterprises, the “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC“KazakhExport” Export Insurance Company” JSC“Kazyna Capital Management” JSC, “Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund” LLP and the “Investment Fund of Kazakhstan” JSC provide the support tools such as debt and equity financing, insurance of export operations, lease financing and consulting for projects structuring and administration, including those being implemented under the PPP mechanism.

As for small and medium-scale businesses, “Damu” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC  provides enterprises with three support tools: interest rates subsidizing, loans guaranteeing and conditional investment of funds in second-tier banks.

The “Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC“Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” JSC“Housing Construction Guarantee Fund” JSC focus on increasing the financial affordability of housing through the development of financing, mortgage lending, subsidies and housing rental.

At present, the Baiterek holding is implementing the order of the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to create a single operator of housing construction. In this regard, the subsidiary of the Holding - Baiterek Development JSC was liquidated by merging with the Kazakhstan Mortgage Company. By the end of this year, it is planned to join the Housing Construction Guarantee Fund. The single operator will start operating on January 1, 2021. He will work exclusively with private developers and local executive bodies, performing the functions of three organizations.

Moreover, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and KazakhExport are supporting non-resource-based exporters, and QazTech Ventures, being a ‘fund of funds’, contributes to the development of technopreneurship through the tools of venture financing, business incubation and technology consulting.

“Kazyna Capital Management” JSC
“Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund” LLP
The “Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC
 “Damu” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC
 “Housing Construction Guarantee Fund” JSC
the “Investment Fund of Kazakhstan” JSC
 “Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” JSC
“KazakhExport” Export Insurance Company” JSC
the “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC
QazTech Ventures
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